Rewarding the fight against climate change

The Quro is a special currency that rewards people and companies for performing a wide range of sustainable activities.


About the company

High growth tech company. Quro Protocol is a behavioral change tool that immediately incentivizes individuals and organizations that pursue a sustainable way of living.  

Humanity must reverse climate change – time is running out. We must take action now. It will take individual and collective efforts to reverse environmental crises our planet is facing. Quro is introducing the Quro – a digital currency that is minted by individuals, companies, organizations,

and governments for performing a range of sustainable activities. The Quro will be established as a stable digital currency and will be used as an everyday method of payment. The product is a currency brought to people via a mobile app.

Learn more about how to get and spend Quros and get notified when we launch in your location!

How Quro Protocol works

We all want to save the world, but someone’s got to pay for it.  

The Quro is designed to pay for it. Acting sustainably is not always easy, and some sacrifices have to be made. We’re here to reward you for what you’re doing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, a family or a company. If you produce renewable energy, buy eco-friendly products, recycle, and live and work sustainably in many other ways, you can start earning Quros.

Learn more about how to get and spend Quros and get notified when we launch in your location!

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OCT, 2018

Product DEV & Partners recruitment

DEC, 2018

Internal Pilot with current partners

Q1, 2019

POC launch & Merchant onboarding 

Q2, 2019

Full launch

POC in Germany

The Quro is being launched first in Berlin, Germany.

Why Germany?

In Berlin we've partnered up with great companies who share the same vision

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